Explorer (translated as “explorer”) appeared in 1990. Today it is one of the brightest symbols of America. The car almost immediately became the sales leader in its class in the United States, leaving behind its competitors. The car won the hearts of buyers with the most spacious and comfortable cab, the power button on the front axle and the ability to carry five to seven passengers. To be fair, we noticed that the Explorer clearly was not designed for lovers of fast driving, since the hard rear axle and a simple front suspension do not have to travel at high speeds. The explorer of the first generation was presented in five levels of equipment. Increasing the price, they were placed in the following way: a base of five or seven seats XL, an improved Sport (only three doors), an XLT (only five doors), complete for the eye of the Limited (only five doors) and, finally, an elegant Eddie Bauer (mostly five-door) with leather seats, cruise control, stereo, air conditioning and other “luxury” options. In 1995, the car undergoes a substantial modernization. As a result, the design of the exterior and interior has changed.

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The shape of the front has become more stylized by lowering the bonnet line, the front optics has been completely updated accordingly. Improved and forward suspension. In the cockpit, the shape of the instrument panel was basically changed: it became softer with a separate center console. The standard equipment includes: two airbags and aluminum rims. Also note the high resistance of Explorer to corrosion. As a driving force six-cylinder V-shaped engine with a volume of 4 liters. Before the restyling, its power was 162 horsepower, after which it became more – 200 hp Equipped with this SUV engine, it possesses an enviable dynamic. From 1998, the rear part of the body was also changed: the ascending door became wider and new lanterns appeared mazda miata car cover.

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The second generation of the Explorer debuted 11 years after the first, in January 2001 at the Detroit Auto Show. The car model of the year 2002 is markedly different from its predecessor. The changes affected not only the technical team, but also the appearance. In terms of dimensions, Explorer II has become noticeably larger than its predecessors. The front is characterized by a monumental grille in combination with the new headlights, two batteries of “radiators”, covered with individual transparent lenses. Powerful projectors “protivotumanok” implanted in the bumper, painted in the color of the car. The car received an independent suspension, thanks to which it has an excellent grip, which significantly increases driving comfort. With this design, Explorer is almost not subject to vibrations. Gently “step on” the hatches, even if they fall under several wheels at once. And it climbs gently through the high curbs, without the typical jeep tremors, this is also the merit of the new chassis. The transmission modes are not changed with the usual lever, but with the servos: the driver only needs to press the keys.

While everything is normal, the engine turns only the rear wheels, when they slide, the automatic system connects the front wheels. However, there is a nuance that distinguishes the Explorer’s transmission from similar mechanisms in other jeeps: in some situations, up to 100% of the engine’s energy can be transmitted to the front wheels. In other words, when the Explorer collapses in a deep drift on the winter road and glides unchecked, spinning around the runway, at those times, the car becomes front-wheel drive, giving the driver the opportunity to correct the situation. The living room is very comfortable, spacious and practical. It has many different shelves and the drawers are quite spacious in volume, which is especially useful for long trips. The seven-seater version has three rows of seats that are 2 inches lower and 2.5 inches wider than the previous generation. The structure of the body is calculated in such a way that, in the event of an accident, it collapses, leaving the interior space intact. The car is not only equipped with front and side airbags, it also became the first SUV in the world to receive inflatable “curtain airbags” on the windows, which are especially valuable when overturned. The level of active safety is improved with the use of new motion stabilization systems, anti-slip and anti-lock systems. The year of the Explorer 2002 model can be described as reliable, safe, comfortable, practical with good performance on the road. In 2005, a new generation of Explorer was introduced.

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After analyzing the addiction of the buyers, the leadership of Ford Motor gave priority: increase the power, improve the efficiency, reduce the exhaust emissions, improve the safety features, reduce the noise in the cabin, improve the march and finally , correct the design for greater expressiveness. Technically, the 2006 model repeats its predecessor, but the exterior is inherited from a spectacular prototype: the Ford Explorer Sport Trac. From it he pulled the grille halfway up the bumper with side slots of air intakes and “tears” of round taillights, displaced towards the corners of the headlights. Visually, the car became “square.” Along with the new reinforced frame, the designers have updated the interior. A new center console appeared, the gearbox lever was removed from the steering column to the center tunnel. A new improved rear suspension and a third row of retractable seats have appeared. The seats of the second and third rows, if necessary, are also easy to fold, which increases the size of the trunk to incredible sizes. As options, luxurious leather armchairs with preferred suede with contrast stitching, navigation system with voice alarm and electric seats in the third row are offered. Explorer has become more secure, so it contains at least four airbags, ABS, trajectory control and a patented roller stability control system that prevents it from tipping over. In 2010, a presentation of the fifth generation of the Explorer model took place in New York. The appearance has undergone the most dramatic changes. Jim Holland worked abroad, who once worked on the design of the Range Rover. The appearance of the car is made according to the latest fashion trends: black front struts, massive chrome grille, raised hood and a protective plastic body kit.

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Explorer V is very different from its predecessors, not only in appearance. The car received a bearing body instead of a frame structure, which increased its safety, improved smoothness and affected the noise level in the cabin. In addition, the failure of the frame in the amount of use of aluminum parts helped reduce the weight of the car. Due to the smooth lines of the body, the drag coefficient has decreased to 0.35. Explorer also received off-road electronic assistance systems instead of hard locks and downshifts. The interior is distinguished by high quality performance and improved sound insulation. The dashboard is decorated in a futuristic style. The on-board computer was developed jointly with Microsoft and provides Explorer’s driver and passengers with many interesting possibilities, from WiFi configuration to voice control. The hydraulic steering is abolished, replacing it with an electric one. Air conditioning also completed, providing it with a variable power compressor. Among other differences with the previous generation of Explorer, it should be taken into account the presence in the cabin of a new car of the third row of passenger seats (the car has 7 passenger seats).

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The basic modification for the Russian market will be the 3.5-liter V6 Ti-VCT petrol engine, capable of developing a maximum torque of 345 Nm and having a capacity of 294 hp. The gearbox is a six-speed automatic SelectShift. Fuel consumption compared to the previous generation decreased by almost a third. The acceleration from zero to one hundred takes 7.9 seconds, maximum speed: 230 kilometers per hour. In the US market there are also versions with turbo engines: four EcoBoost 2.0 four-cylinder turbocharged and an intercooler with a capacity of 240 hp. and V6 volume of 3.5 liters (350 HP). Drive, either front or full. The car received from its creators an intelligent system of traction on all wheels that gives the driver the right to choose one of the five driving modes, according to the conditions: city, mud, mountain descent, snow, sand. It adapts to each car in a special way, changing the configuration of all-wheel drive, gearbox, accelerator pedal, engine, brakes, ABS, stabilization system and traction control, which helps the driver to cope more effectively to the SUV.

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The model is implemented in 100 countries and is produced in three companies in different parts of the world: Chicago (USA), Valencia (Venezuela) and Elabuga (Russia). Sales of the redesigned version in the US market began in the summer of 2015, in Russia the novelty appeared only in the winter of 2015. Changes in the exterior and interior design of the SUV are minimal. Out of Ford Explorer 2015, after redesigned, I got a completely new trapezoidal grille, a different front bumper with two levels of air inlets, U-shaped fog lights and new stylish underlining headlights by the LED corners of the traffic lights Daytime running lights (Platinum has full headlights and fog lamps) LED content).

The design of the elements of the body is made so that they all seem to be one. The lines that start at the front continue on the sides of the car. They are protuberances that are located in 3 stages. The first row is located between the side windows and the door handles, then between the handles and the bottom of the doors. These lines give the car an elegant look The car also received a new speedometer, which has a scale that will allow a better perception of the information. Improved acoustic and acoustic insulation through the use of new side door seals, windshield and front acoustic glass. The interior pleases with almost premium materials and excellent ergonomics. The high-end equipment received multi-contoured chairs upholstered in Nirvana leather with microperforation, aluminum inserts and ash inside.

The trunk, even behind the backs of the third row of seats, can carry about 600 liters of luggage. When folding the third row with an electric motor, you can leave space for the transport of 1,240 liters. With the addition and the second row, we obtain a huge cargo compartment with a flat floor and a volume of 2285 liters. The list of additional equipment includes a front and back camera with a self-cleaning system, additional USB ports for recharging mobile devices, an improved assistance system for parallel and perpendicular parking, and a Sony 500-watt audio system. The range of engines consists of three petrol engines, which operate exclusively on a pair with 6 automatic SelectShift. The 2.0-liter turbo engine was replaced by the four-cylinder EcoBoost with a working capacity of 2.3 liters of 273 hp. This engine provides not only great performance, but also the best fuel and economic indicators, compared to the previous engine. This unit with an SUV Ford Mustang SUV. And for the XLT and Limited versions, the same 3.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 294 hp was maintained. (in the Russian specification of 249 forces), while the off-road car made by Sport and Platinum retained its “six” EcoBoost of a similar volume, but with a development of 345 hp. The SUV is equipped with an intelligent four-wheel drive with a ground management system, a fully independent suspension with MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link architecture in the rear.


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